How did I get the name theBrainrunner?

Well it's a long story but I'll keep it breif. On November 3rd, 2008 I was getting ready for work and passed out in the shower. Luckily, my wife was home at the time and ran upstairs to find me and after having trouble reviving me she then called the paramedics. After an ambulance ride, followed by a CT scan, then a helicopter ride to another hospital I ended up having surgery to repair a ruptured Brain Aneurysm. 5 months later I had two more aneurysms clipped. I was thankful to be alive, as 40% of ruptures are fatal, and 66% suffer from some permanent neurological deficit. I use to be a runner in High School, and after I had recovered from the surgeries I wanted to be healthier than I had been at that time so my wife and I started running again. Every time I run I'm thankful to be alive and able to be outside doing what I love. Thus, theBrainrunner was born.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crazy Schedule Calls for Crazy Training

I know some of you that read this have a crazy schedule as well, so this is for you. If you have a quote unquote normal schedule then this is for you to have empathy for those of us that don't. :)

I work retail. You know the kind of retail that requires odd shifts, a couple of nights a week. As well as days off in the middle of the week. I don't get every weekend off, in fact I work more weekends in a month than I have off. Although after switching jobs in the middle of last year to a different retailer my schedule is better, but it's still retail. Don't mistake this for complaining, I chose this profession for myself, or maybe it chose me. I'm not sure who chose who but here I am.

This schedule provides unique conflicts when it comes to training for marathons, or any running for that matter. A normal opening shift has me crawling out of bed at 5am, leaving the house at 6 and to work by 7am. As a manager I can't be late so I routinely get there a little bit early. A normal morning shift starts that same process at 11am. I get home at either 5pm or 10:45pm depending. Many times I close then open which besides being tired doesn't give much time for a run.

In my current training schedule thus far I've tried to stay consistent with the days that I run. However, I've come to the realization that this isn't feasible. So now I find myself half way through my training schedule and the mileage is really getting up there as well as the time I must allocate to this training. So I've decided to adjust my schedule depending on my work schedule. This means that sometimes I may not be able to get a long run in followed by a rest day. Instead I'll have to let my work schedule dictate the training schedule. It may sound worse than it is. I've completed two marathon training plans this way and have gotten faster at each. This time I will be even faster due to the work I've put in not the constraints of my schedule.

I'm interested to hear how you adjust your training routines based on your schedule, so leave a comment below and maybe I can learn from your experience.

Now get out there and run!

New Songs added to play list:
I love listening to music, so I figured I'd start to share some of the songs I've recently added to my playlist. With each post I'll now add the last 5 songs I've added to my playlist. If you have any good songs let me know, my music taste know no bounds.

1. LOW by Cracker
2. Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners
3. Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground
4. Do You Love Me by Amanda Jenssen
5. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) by Cazzette    

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