How did I get the name theBrainrunner?

Well it's a long story but I'll keep it breif. On November 3rd, 2008 I was getting ready for work and passed out in the shower. Luckily, my wife was home at the time and ran upstairs to find me and after having trouble reviving me she then called the paramedics. After an ambulance ride, followed by a CT scan, then a helicopter ride to another hospital I ended up having surgery to repair a ruptured Brain Aneurysm. 5 months later I had two more aneurysms clipped. I was thankful to be alive, as 40% of ruptures are fatal, and 66% suffer from some permanent neurological deficit. I use to be a runner in High School, and after I had recovered from the surgeries I wanted to be healthier than I had been at that time so my wife and I started running again. Every time I run I'm thankful to be alive and able to be outside doing what I love. Thus, theBrainrunner was born.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rambling's of the Snag

I've hit a snag! I'm not sure what it is or what has caused this snag but I've hit it.
Everything seemed to be going well up until a couple of weeks ago. I started to feel sick so I missed a couple of runs. Then I had an emergency dental issue. I mean who really likes the dentist? Mandatory 72 hours no exercise. UGH!
Then the winter started, it snowed. I was actually looking forward to running in the snow, which I did and had a blast. Then it snowed some more. I enjoy running outside and in the snow but it can be hard to get out and get moving when it's below freezing. At this same time I had a wrench thrown in my schedule with my girls being out of school. I love the extra time I get to spend with them but it makes my routine get out of whack. More treadmill time is required. Who likes the treadmill? Not me!
I need to  figure out how to make the TM more enjoyable. New Years! Tammy and I had plans, and went out with some friends. Recovery, seemed to take a little longer than I would have liked. Ehm! Note to self, be more wise next time.
I'm having a hard time getting back on the routine that I had been on. I've run, and had some good runs.
I finished 2012 with 1232 miles, 32 over what my goal was. I have visions of doubling that this year, but I need to get my but moving. The last couple of days have been a struggle to get anything done. I wake up, the air is dry and my sinuses are kicking my butt. Headache! Not the kind of headache that you have when a brain aneurysm ruptures, but strong enough that all you want to do is nothing.
I got in a run the other day, in the icy snow. Now I have some knee pain. Shortly after that a fellow runner posted on his twitter feed to stay off of the snow and ice as he's seen  lot of issues arise, ie... knee pain. I wish he would have posted that sooner.
It's only 3 days away from finding out if I've been selected to be an Altra Zero Drop ambassador. I can't help but be a little nervous. Hopefully I will be selected, but if I'm not I'll still use their products because they have done me well.
I started a fb running club, and hope that it will turn into something bigger at some point. It's geared to local runners in my county of residence. If your interested you can find it here.
Bottom line, hitting snags suck! But, I am at the point where I need to suck it up and push through. Make myself get out there and get it done, even if I don't feel like it. Even if I'm tired. Even if I feel bad. Even if the TM is boring. Just get it done! The fun will come back, the days will get longer, I will get to run in the sun again instead of always in the dark. I need to kick my own butt and get moving.
I hope to have a better report of things next time....

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