How did I get the name theBrainrunner?

Well it's a long story but I'll keep it breif. On November 3rd, 2008 I was getting ready for work and passed out in the shower. Luckily, my wife was home at the time and ran upstairs to find me and after having trouble reviving me she then called the paramedics. After an ambulance ride, followed by a CT scan, then a helicopter ride to another hospital I ended up having surgery to repair a ruptured Brain Aneurysm. 5 months later I had two more aneurysms clipped. I was thankful to be alive, as 40% of ruptures are fatal, and 66% suffer from some permanent neurological deficit. I use to be a runner in High School, and after I had recovered from the surgeries I wanted to be healthier than I had been at that time so my wife and I started running again. Every time I run I'm thankful to be alive and able to be outside doing what I love. Thus, theBrainrunner was born.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Marathon Anticipation

One month from Saturday, I'll be running my second marathon. The first was painful as you may have read here, or part 2 here. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.
The starting line.

I was looking at my training and comparing the two training cycles with each other yesterday and found something that really boosted my confidence. In the training leading up to the Chicago Marathon in October of 2011 I had one 20 mile training run. That run was completed with a pace of 10:18 per mile with an overall time of 3 hours, 26 minutes and 59 seconds. Going into that race I was nervous and wasn't quite sure what to expect. This time I've completed one 20 miler thus far and have another scheduled next week. This time my 20 miler was completed in 3 hours 1 minute, and 22 seconds, or an 8:57 pace. That's a minute and twenty one seconds faster per mile. I'm feeling good!

This time I'm not nursing a severe injury, although I have had some issues with my ankle it doesn't keep me from running and it is getting better. Last time I was having pain on the bottom of my foot, which flared up during the race. I know there will be pain during the race it's expected this time. I'll feel tired, I may want to stop, but I'm in a better place, I've done more miles, and more quality.

Can a year make that much of a difference, I think yes. The race plan will be the same plan that I was going to try and implement last time. I plan on sitting right on the shoulder of the 4 hour pacer which is a 9:10 per mile split. I'll let them guide me, and take me to mile twenty. Then I plan on gradually increasing my speed, and finish under a four hour marathon. I feel confident that I can do this. Now, when I run at that pace it feels easy, and well within my means. I do have a specific time that I want to hit, but I will keep this close to my vest at this time. Why? You may ask. I'm also running this marathon, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, with a friend of mine. We are evenly matched, and I don't want to give away what my exact plans are, because it is a race. However, I hope he does well, it's his first marathon, and I want him to be successful. I don't want him to feel as though he has to try and go with me. We will be toeing the line together, both with the four hour pace group and we are both planning on staying with them until 20 miles is hit, but then it's up to each of us after that point.

My nutrition is nailed down, as good as it can be with my experience. Last time I consumed too many gels which led to some minor stomach issues. This time I have a better defined plan on my nutrition. I'll eat breakfast three hours before the race, to give me enough time to digest. Then I'll take a gel 10 minutes prior to the start. I'll only carry one gel with me and pick up the rest on the course. I'll take gels at the following mile markers: 5(the one I'll carry), 10.5, 14, 18, 22 (I'll grab 2), 24. I'll drink at every water stop, and where Gatorade is available I'll have a half cup followed by water, until later in the race when I'll switch to a full cup of Gatorade and a half cup of water.

This race, I feel confident in! I'm hoping for temps in the 40's to start then reaching up to the mid fifties. These temps are right in line with the averages for this time of year in Indianapolis. I'm hoping we won't have the 26 degree temps we had when I completed the half version of this race. But if it's to be I'll adjust my clothing selection. If the temps are where I hope they will be I'll be in a singlet and shorts, with a pair of throw away gloves and hat. Any colder than 40 and I'll go with a sleeved tech shirt.

There are still slots available for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, the half and 5k if your interested. Hopefully I'll see you out there. If not, wish me luck as I embark on my journey to break 4 hours in the marathon. Gods Speed!

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